I’ve written several hundred articles, essays, and book reviews over the years for, among others, The American Scholar, the Los Angeles Times Book Review, The Nation, New York History, USA Today, Newsday, The Australian, The Guardian (Manchester), Whole Earth Review, Vegetarian Times, Chronicles, the Independent and The Spectator of London, Counterpunch, Orion, University Bookman, and Utne Reader. I’m a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and The American Conservative.  Herewith a sampling (skewed by internet availability; incredibly, the archives of The American Enterprise, for which I wrote and conducted interviews for a dozen years, are–for now–inaccessible).

On the Mexican War:

Who Needs a President?

On third parties:

On my pen pal Gore Vidal:

On Rockefeller’s drug war:

On Mormon politicos:

On Ron Paul 2012:

From Cleaver to Foote: my life as interlocutor:


On Daylight Saving Time:



On Michael Downing’s Spring Forward: