America First, By Bill Kauffman

America First, by Bill Kauffman

America First, by Bill Kauffman

Bill Kauffman, described by the Washington Post as having the “pleasantly wicked touch of H. L. Mencken”, examines the cultural factors and political schisms of 20th-century American nationalism. He weaves a fascinating tale that links Sinclair Lewis to NAFTA, ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’ to Ross Perot, and the Old Right to the New Left. He discusses the Perot phenomenon, the presidential campaign and the influence of Pat Buchanan, the impact of free trade agreements, the film industry of the 1930s, and a fascinating cast of characters and causes in what is sure to be controversial reading. As Gore Vidal notes in his foreword, “By studying our history [Kauffman] has latched on to some interesting facts (as opposed to opinions) that completely turn inside out the tedious liberal versus conservative debate, or grunting contest.”

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