ABOUT Every Man a King (Soho Press/1989)

“witty, splenetic…shot through with a seemingly inexhaustible dose of venom…unfailingly funny”–Publishers Weekly

“Witty and sarcastic, and, at the same time, naïve and innocent…an unusual mixture of irony and optimism”—Booklist

“His pen, dipped as it is in Mencken, has a pleasantly wicked touch”—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post

“Kauffman…is in the tradition of H.L. Mencken. When he gets rolling he possesses some of Mencken’s verbal magic, as well as his wit and capacity for being entertained rather than depressed by what he scornfully observes”—Theodore M. O’Leary, Kansas City Star

“a thoroughly enjoyable and provocative novel…breezy, rollicking…thoughtful and introspective”—McCoy C. Campbell, Chattanooga Times

“a devastating and dead-on portrayal of the young conservative opportunistic society strivers who descended on Washington during Good King Ronald’s reign”—Alan Bock, Orange County Register

“Kauffman’s novel is a song of Western New York…a bright contribution to American literature and a signal addition to that large and growing corpus of works that are peculiarly New York—Wendell Tripp, New York History

“it is both sad and inspiring; Batavia is dead, but Batavia lives on. It is also…very, very funny.”—Jesse Walker, Liberty

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