ABOUT America First! Its History, Culture, and Politics (Prometheus/1995)

“Kauffman…gives anyone interested in American political history some of the most enjoyable and fascinating reading they’ll probably find all year…a novelist with a flair for the dazzling epithet…If you read only one political history book this year, here it is.”—Ray Olson, Booklist

“Bill Kauffman, the sage of Batavia, has…completely turned inside out the tedious liberal versus conservative debate…Let us hope that Kauffman’s ideas start to penetrate.”—Gore Vidal (from his Foreword)

“An enjoyable portrait of the ‘Little Americans.’…deft portraits . . . alternating tone of wicked hilarity and sweet sorrow.”–Foreign Affairs

“Novel and important . . . often perceptive and nearly always provocative.” — Benjamin Schwarz, World Policy Journal

“Kauffman is an engaging and often amusing writer.” — Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Washington Monthly

“a great book. Kauffman is an excellent writer. His essays are brimming with fascinating anecdotes and silly but hilarious gossip.”—Michael Levine, Liberty

More about America First, By Bill Kauffman

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